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Veggie fried rice with “Crab” Rangoon

by Jasmine Tillman on November 04, 2020
🥟lately I’ve been indulging in Oriental dishes🍜
So i decided to go all the way,
On todays vegan menu💕
🍛Veggie fried rice with “Crab” Rangoon all from scratch.
✅white rice
✅soy sauce
✅carrots and peas (frozen vegetables are fine)
✅Heart of palms
✅Vegan cream cheese
✅sesame seed oil
✅wonton wraps 💕Directions:
Fried Rice🍛
✅cook white rice, set to side. Scramble your tofu, season to liking add turmeric (which gives it the golden look of eggs) , set to side. Steam your vegetables.
Put the cooked white rice in a large skillet on medium heat, add soy sauce , once the rice is coated with soy sauce, add the vegetables and tofu (you may add seasonings to liking)
“Crab” Rangoon🥟
✅Boil the Heart of palms to neutralize the “saltiness “. why hearts of plams? ( Hearts of palms has a ridiculously same texture as crab meat )
After boiling drain the Hearts and chop them up finely.
Start with 2 tbsp of sugar add more to liking as you mix.
add a dash of salt and pepper. Add a tsp of chives, and a tsp of sesame seed oil. In most cases you will use a little over half a container of Vegan Cream cheese. Add more as needed.
Once the “crab” Rangoon filling is made you want to add about a tsp of filling to wonton wraps. Lastly Fry them in a sauce pan or deep fryer.