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How to Get out a Runt.

by Jasmine Tillman on January 18, 2021

To Get Back into the groove of the New Year it was important that I considered what daily habits gave me the ability to thrive the most.

And that was pretty easy for me to identify. 

If you've been following me on social media for some time you guys know I have a specific morning routine that I think most people look forward to seeing me post on my story. Though I may not explain exactly what it is that I am doing in the moment, it looks a lot like vibing out to good music while pouring my morning coffee or tea.

I like to start my morning with great music from classical lofi cafe tunes to chill house music. However I'm feeling I just go with it. 

There's no secret about it. I thrive the most having a morning routine. It's something to look forward too in the morning that not only helps me feel good but stay on task with things I need to focus on. An action plan I have structured within a system that allows me to take action and work towards my goals. 

My morning routine consist of good music, coffee/tea and breakfast. From there I settle in my quiet nest in front of my computer where I put on some meditation music and meditate for about 10-15 mins. Meditating before I start working on task allow me the opportunity to quiet the mind and make space for new ideas and allow my creative juices to flow. I then look in my weekly journal to see what things need to get done and go from there. 

Morning routines are crucial for me and I know this because through out my career and building a platform in blogging I know without it, I tend to feel very scattered. I'm naturally not the most organized person when it comes to projects, creating, and adjusting allocated time to organize my thoughts . I tend to exist amongst organized chaos which is not the best type of way to operate when time waits for no one and things has to get done. There just has to be a great deal of balance in order for me to thrive. I know this. So it was a no brainer to make a stance on the day I would sit down with my new weekly goals journal and start mapping out a action plan and the day I selected to start my task for the new year which was 1/11/2021 would also be the day I would  start back with my morning routine. 

If complications in finding stability in your life sounds way too familiar? If you haven't already, try implementing a morning routine. Most of us are still working 9-5's while trying to work towards a dream, or have a family. I get it, life doesn't stop when we are simply just trying to obtain a certain lifestyle for ourselves and our family. So with that, we have to do our best to work with the time we have to make things happen. Maybe it's not a morning routine based on life circumstances. Implementing any type of system or routine that can help you create balance and a good work ethic will guarantee you success in obtaining the goals you have set for yourself. 

I particularly appreciate a good morning routine because it really is a good way to set good positive intentions for the day ahead. Either way start where you can. There is certain days I simply don't have the time or luxury to have time to myself to sip on a hot cup of joe and meditate but thats why having a structured system is important because I can clearly see what days and hours are the best days to allocate towards reaching goals I have set for the week. 

 I hope this helps anyone who finds themselves in a runt. Maybe winter blues have consumed you or you simply just can't seem to find the space and time to start a project, start here. Take inventory of what daily habits you have done in the past that helped you to thrive. Start there. 

 Comment below and share your morning routines or daily habits!

With love. peace , namaste .

xoxo Jasmine Tillman