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Im Ready.

by Jasmine Tillman on January 15, 2021

The year 2020 has come and gone, It was the year of realization of how important it is to slow down, quite the busy mind, go within and trust yourself ; so I did just that.

I use the year of 2020 as the opportunity to rebuild my brand, trust myself with my goals. Building systems with consistency. The year 2020 I was really able to sit with myself and get a better understanding of what needed to change to get to where I want to be in life. The clarity I needed about my wants and needs. 

I read so many books that open up parts of myself I never knew existed. I had the most beautiful moments of enlightenment. 

Though I had beautiful insights I would be lying if I said at some point towards the end of the year entering the season of winter I felt a lot less inspired. I also had manifested new things, new experiences into my life that I hadn't yet figured out how to make room for. So I honestly took the easy way out by going with the flow without the structure I know I needed to stay on task. 

I approached the year with giving myself permission to relax a little and soak up these moments that I had been secretly longing for; Was wrong or right to take a step back from work, I cant say. But, I don't regret my decision in just being present. I just knew I had to promise myself after the New year I had to find a New kind of Balance for my new life. So I did just that.

 So how  did I find the inspiration to get back on task and find my new balance.  I started the year by buying a new weekly goal journal. If I can be honest when I went journal shopping at TjMaxx I was disappointed upon arrival. Discovering they had nothing left, literally the leftovers of what seemed like a  stampede of inspired lifestyle influencers and boss babes that beat me to the punch leaving behind note pads and small hand held calendars. So I just continued to fettle through what was left with hope, when I finally came across this "weekly goals journal". For some reason I was always fascinated with my journals having the new year engraved on the cover but this one hadn't, which is why, maybe it was looked over by others or just patiently waiting for my arrival. I opened it and it was exactly what I needed. A journal that literally dedicated each page to weekly goals that divided specific sections to help guide you in setting and reaching your monthly goals. A journal that helps you identify your long term goals, track your goals in real time, with bullet points, and action plans. I said "bingo" and left out with the perfect journal to help me create a new balance for my new life. 

This year I know that everything I worked on, all the visualizations and meditations I had been pouring into over the past 3 years is going to manifest over into the physical world, this year 2021. Im using this New year momentum to get back organized and finding my new rhythm for this new life. Everything is all happening at once so many good things that Im not quite ready to unleash but I just will say all the self-growth, and soul nurturing I did to get to this point does not go in-vain. Im more of a believer of manifestation, law of attraction and the idea of letting go more than I was years ago writing about my journey to self discovery. 


I just know this is the life I painted for myself and I always asked god to prepare me for it and he did just that. 

One of the last meme post I reposted on my Instagram story Dec 31st 2020 was a post that read " What is one thing you want to say before 2020 ends? My reply at 11:44 was .... IM READY.



Thank you with peace, love, namaste. 

xoxoxo Jasmine Tillman