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The Difference between Goals and Actually Succeeding.

by Jasmine Tillman on July 12, 2022
     Just as of the last few months it really had dawned on me that having goals means nothing if you don't have a clear direction and with that, have clear direction and dots to connect in order to accomplish a goal in the first place.
When we change our perception about how we view "goals" then we can clearly see how to make progress in real time.
You see, most of us say.... I have goals! and we pride ourselves on thinking and knowing we want better. But it really does us no justice if they're " just goals"..
Goals does not promise us success.
They're just a list of things we think we want and need.
So here was the turning point for me and changing my perspective on having goals.
I started focusing on what matters! Most of us waste time because we have a lack of direction.
Here is a simplified example:
So what matters to me : Inspiring and motivating others to put their best foot forward at Achieving Happiness and Health. We will call this the motto or mission.
How I plan to achieve this : through inspirational blogging and blogging recipes.
here is the game changer : while my goal would typically stop at being a "blogger"
This one word changed everything
The word: BECOMING !
The clear direction : Is in BECOMING the blogger. Acting and producing a model and system that creates the opportunity to become what it is I wish to be!
I cant be a blogger if I'm not becoming consistent with becoming one.
You cant be an entrepreneur if you have no mission and no clear direction of becoming an entrepreneur.
You cant become a rapper if you not rapping.
You can't become a Youtuber if you not Youtubing.
You can't become an author if you not writing.
You can't save x-amount of money if you not saving.
Your guaranteed to see a shift if you stop making senseless goals and BECOME that ideal person you wish to become by implementing systems and models to create the habits you need to reach goals!
When i realized this, thats when you actively started seeing consistency in real time with my brand. This small perspective change has saved me so much time and energy with the best results I've seen sense deciding I wanted to blog!
It's actually all way too simple.
Stop listing goals and start asking yourself what lifestyle do I wish to have?
And start building systems and habits for the goals in which you wish to become. So the direction and path is always clear.
I hope this blog set off a light bulb in you, the way that this perspective did for me!
With love, Peace, namaste!
xoxoxoxo Jasmine Tillman.
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by Tierra on July 18, 2022

I Love This!