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Suffer-less living with the Non-attachment Rule.

by Jasmine Tillman on November 04, 2020
The first time I read about the idea of Non-attachment/non-resistance was from a book I read by Michael A, Singer "The untethered soul" about 6 months ago and came across the idea again on Youtube. It's pretty interesting to think about. Living abundantly, purposefully, and happier by making the decision to flow with life by practicing non-attachment.... Essentially deciding what you will and won't let disturb you and not being attached to the ideas of the material world, what I like to call the "matrix".
So you may ask what is non-attachment I would describe it as the act of freeing yourself, freeing yourself from the predictable ways of life. Not defining life by what I think it should be like to feel safe. Open to change and not resisting. Its really simple , just letting go. Letting go of perceptions that doesn't serve me.
Everything is temporary, relationships, friendships, moments in time, our struggles, our pain, the suffering, even life it self... It's all temporary.
Non-attachment is merely embracing the Impermanence of life.
When you can learn to live life with the sense of non-attachment to how things supposed to be and what you think you can control thats how you can allow yourself to experience life as is ...with less suffering and worrying.
Pretty much most of us have been fighting with "creation" our entire lives, We have built up these systems of how things must respond to us or how things must go (all based on personal experiences and behaviors that we was taught or things we learned ) things must go our way or else.... But when we fight with creation, we are fighting ourselves. Always trying to protect ourselves from our own problems. Always trying to arrange and control, when we really, we probably created the problem in the first place.... and thats when we start to feel like life is against us.
You'll have jealousy, competition, and fear always in the foreground, but If you don't know how to let it go then you will always feel like life is threat.
So how do you start to practice non-attachment.
There is two sides to the coin ... There is the non-attachment way that can be experienced in the internal space of self and the external space of experiences.
  • Lets start with the Internal space of self.
You can start by deciding not to fight with life, life is not under your control.
Understanding Struggles and suffering ; is really the symptom of us fighting life, fighting creation and resistance to what is unfolding. Stop fighting and confront the fear that was causing you to fight in the first place . Fear is the blocks embedded deep down within. Fear shows up in different ways but in all its really just negative energy, like jealousy, anger, and possessiveness. Deal with the blocks so that negative energy can be restored to feed the heart.
Everyday we are confronted with some many different stimuli from our internal state and the external world. As a result we find ourselves drowning in a pool of conflicting feelings and thoughts about what we want and desire. But here's the thing.... We are made of a whirlpool of energy, thoughts, and feelings that moves through us like clouds. With everything changing so much all the time, the conflicted feeling we feel is really just the idea of us trying to keep it all together. But what are we trying to keep together? We are clinging unto to feelings and thoughts that causes a physical emotion. If we can learn to just simply be aware of our thoughts, rather than becoming triggered by all these conflicting forces we would be winning half the battle of everyday struggling and suffering.
  • The External space of experiences
We aren't promised to have these friendships and relationships forever. There is absolutely no law not by creation or even by govern that these "relationships" is ours to have for eternity, they are not ours to own. So if its not serving you .....let it go...
Make space to experience life and embrace the things we care about without allowing the outcome to outweigh the value of the actual experience.
True life attachment is through experiences.
Accepting life as it is. - This doesn't mean not to have goals or accomplish things you want, it just means accept where you are and be open to change and embracing the journey and process of wherever you are in life.
Letting go of things you cant control even to the event of how you are being treated. You cant control how you are treated or if someone dislikes you but you can control how you respond to that treatment,
The idea of non-attachment and non-resistance is not act of becoming detached but just being aware of triggers , and becoming a self-expert of letting go things that doesn't serve us or deserve our energy. Allowing life to flow without being attached to the outcome.
I strive in my life personally to living more and more on the principles of non-attachment, its not easy but its a healthy base to start to embracing the true essence of life which is the value of the experience and the blessing of being able to truly be fulfilled in life no matter what.
Let me know in the comments below have you ever heard of these principles and whats your take on this topic...
Thanks for supporting
with love, peace, namaste.
xoxoxo Jasmine Tillman.