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by Jasmine Tillman on June 08, 2022
We live life full of experiences, we ask ourselves all these questions…the truth is the answers is in the experiences we have lived through our past.
we all need to be reborn, with the intent to understand our past, to revisit experiences, morals, our values, and our beliefs.
I had to be reborn for me to grow. I had to understand what made me the person I am today and to identify what it was I wanted to change about myself.
I had to relearn everything I learned from the way I was raised, my morals and my true beliefs , moving forward to understanding of why certain friendships and relationships didn’t work.
This journey that you embark on is not about the people that you have in your life that may have caused you to be unhappy, not even for the people that make you happy for that matter, Its about YOU and how YOU will grow, and change to live the best life you are set on earth to accomplish. To find your clarity and your purpose, However you wont know until you find your own understanding of lessons to be learned.
Who knew once I made peace with the past with gratitude. Dissecting events and understanding the lessons to be learned it would set me free. Keep moving Forward.
Jasmine Tillman