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Making space to operate at your highest potential.

by Jasmine Tillman on July 28, 2022
One thing I had to learn is how to declutter my life to operate at my highest potential.
Decluttering can look different to different people. You can declutter your house, closest space, car, friendships, and relationships.
I've prob decluttered and performed maintenance upon every category listed above. I can't focus when my area isn't clean, I cant be great with negative energy and draining people. From one extreme to the next its necessary for me to protect my peace, and allow space for new possibilities and not be consumed with people and things that doesn't serve me.
When I let-go the ideal of being attached to things I feel like I made physical space for new opportunities.
When I realized I had to make space for growth. Thats when I truly felt I had a purpose.
Life is filled with a bunch of distractions that keeps us from experiencing life.
Distractions that comes from the "wants" of the material world and from toxic friendships and relationships.
If you ask me i'm going to have to believe god send distractions over and over again just to see if we are gonna mess up again, especially when we know better.
The moment I prayed for discernment and intuitive clear signs I began to realize where things needed to change all the while decluttering the mind makes the thought process a lot more simple.
When your mind is clear from the distractions Your able to identify your needs vs, wants and Whats good for you and whats not. Most of the time our best ideas and aspirations comes from this place too.
Decluttering your life, and simplifying things just makes life a lot more airy and flexible making spaces to be more decisive on decision making in other areas of your life that your life depends on.
Queens lets start simplifying our lives to allow ourselves to live in the unified field of the unknown, taking leaps of faith, allowing blessings to entire because we've made space for them!
I wouldn't be telling you this if I haven't practice this ideal of decluttering. It works for me, maybe it can work you!
I loved myself so much that I did the work, vibrated higher, and manifested a whole new life.
Thanks for supporting my blog!
With love, peace, namaste.
xoxoxoxo Jasmine Tillman