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Magic In Life

by Jasmine Tillman on December 04, 2020
Magic In Life 
When I started to take a step back and became the awareness of my everyday life thats when I realized how magical life is.
Striving to walk everyday with the intention to experience life as is, sinking behind the pupils of my eyes, looking out into the world with a conscious view and a detachment from this matrix.
To understand we are apart of something greater than this material world, when i started to truly understand this, thats when i started experiencing the magic of life, the endless possibilities of ideas, thoughts, greater understanding, happiness, and purpose.
Looking into the sky as a reminder that we are of a planet that was perfectly designed to co-exist amongst, humans, animals, and all types of different creatures.
If I could be honest when I would read spiritual content at first I could never fully grasp the concept that we are all connected from nature to the human species, and animals included.
How? I would ask, when I was sure that the grass that I walk on doesn't have a conscious or what about the dirt that cradles the grass. but I did know that there was something that calls me to nature. but what was the connection.?
Nature in itself is Living, it dies when it'ss not nurtured, it grows when it'ss watered it knows what it needs, and it knows what you need. Trees grow and change with seasons they protect us from harsh green house gases and pollution. They go through all these different types of metamorphosis without having being told too, just to protect us and give us what we need like oxygen to breathe breath and live.
The ocean the worlds lung, providing us with oxygen and having an eco system that works like magic to also help the world go round. So that "we", me and you can experience life.
There so many millions of species of animals that contribute to life here on earth. some bleed like me and you, some have intricate ways of living and mating to also provide the world with a positive eco-system.
Its so amazing tho to think that we as humans have just been blessed enough to experience life within our own species. Being the only species to be aware of our consciousness married to intelligence to be able to use our limbs and brain to do things like drive, and cook for ourselves.
Thats why we must not take this experience on life for granted. We are all connected. we need nature and animals just as much as they need us. To look after and protect them. just like they protect us.
Because I now understand this and the magic of living, I now can make better decisions about what I eat, and choosing a lifestyle that is more beneficial for not only me but the planet and its environment.
King and Queens have this been something you have thought about? Let me know down below in the comments.
with love, peace, namaste.
xoxoxoxo Jasmine Tillman